My Review on the Fuji Green Tea Shampoo and Conditioner
I have just used the Fuji Green Tea Shampoo and Conditioner for the first time this morning. I had run out of the Rainforest Raidiance so decided to try this one.
The bottle is a very good size and straight away on opening it you are hit by this delicious scent. It’s not overpowering but smells clean and fresh.
The shampoo is for normal hair but mine is usually greasy and coloured so wasn’t sure if I would get any effects from it.. boy how wrong was I?
The minute it went on, my hair felt so soft and manageable it felt gorgeous. Not what I was expecting.
The conditioner felt awesome. So creamy too. Just fab! The bathroom smelt fabulous too.
I brushed my hair whilst it was wet and it wasn’t tangled at all.
It feels so soft and smells divine.
Really impressed with it xxx


I’m all prepared to go off to my weigh in. I am all Body shopped up too. Had a shower and used the Moringa shower gel. The rainforest raidiance shampoo and conditioner. Aloe deodorant, aloe cleansing lotion, aloe toner, aloe day moisturizer and Black Musk Night Bloom eau de toilette.
I will do a review on the products I have used tomorrow or Saturday. I hope that you like them.
Got my next level 2 SSP goodies today and treated myself to a Body Shop Mirror so if I come to do you a party or 121 consultation you can use this too!
Cannot wait to share these with you xxxx

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Rainforest Radiance- Review

My review of the Rainforest Radiance shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair.
All views are my own.
I recently had my hair cut and coloured. Went back to my blonde!! I love being blonde. Suits me to a tee lol.
Having coloured hair I find it hard to find a shampoo and conditioner that is suitable for me. I have numerous opened bottles of other shampoos and conditioners that don’t suit me!
So, on becoming a Body Shop at home consultant I saw the Rainforest Radiance collection and decided to try it.
The bottles are really good sizes. They open easily and as they contain no parabens ,silicones or sulphates they are much kinder to your hair. I would recommend for best results to put the shampoo on the palm of your hands and rub together.
It goes on quickly and rinsed off well.
The conditioner is a lovely thick consistency and once again I do recommend putting it in the palm of your hand and rubbing them together prior to putting the conditioner on your hair.
It does rinse off quickly too and I found only one application of each was enough.
I always let my hair dry naturally and it feels soft and manageable.
I am really impressed with this range and would have no hesitation in recommending anyone to use these products xxx

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Down to Earth Quad eyeshadow palette- review

My review of the Down to Earth quad eyeshadow palette.
All views are my own.
I used the Down to Earth quad eyeshadow palette today. The shades are lovely, go on so well and look really good. I love the darker Brown eyeshadow.
The compact comes with a little mirror and I used the Body Shop eyeshadow brush. The brush is fantastic quality and makes putting the eyeshadow on so much easier.
Before joining the Body Shop at home I wasn’t wearing make up much, if at all or taking care of my skin but it’s two days running now I have worn makeup and it made me feel different. And I cleanse, tone and moisturize daily too!
Thank you the Body Shop at home for changing the way I feel about myself xxx
Now I need the rest of the make up to add to my collection 😃😃😃

Skincare- what’s your routine?

At the age of 45 and with starting to lose weight (so far 1 stone 8lbs lost) my skin is starting to age and look a bit neglected.

I think like a lot of busy working mums finding time for yourself is hard. Even though my children are all working adults I still feel that Mum Guilt for finding time for myself.

Deciding to become a Body Shop At Home Consultant was something I had been thinking about for ages and after having a fall at work which has caused me to be off work with hip pain, I thought doing something like this would keep my brain active.

I have worked since the age of 15 in retail and customer service roles and I love the Body Shop products- just never had the time to pop into town to get some. For me this is a win-win.

I had an appointment on Thursday and afterwards I was visiting my mum and dad. I decided to try 4 of the amazing products that I received in my kit.

All the products are full size which is good and you can show them at parties or 121 consultations.

The range I received was from the huge vitamin E range- I started off with the cream cleanser which has protective vitamin e and moisturising wheatgerm oil. It was a silky, pink colour and smelt delicious. Not chemical like a lot of skincare ranges can be. It went on easily and felt lovely on my skin. It came off easily and brought lots of rubbish off with it. It felt cleansed and refreshed already.

The next product was the hydrating toner. My skin felt like it sighed a huge sigh of relief when I added this! Its also containing the vitamin e and the wheatgerm oil. Not something I would have used previously. It also is pink in colour and my skin absorbed it so quickly. It felt amazing.

To finish off the vitamin e range I used the moisture cream. A little pot of joy! My skin loved this! I felt so good after using these products and they are suitable for all skin types.

My skin can be quite oily so I will look for another range to tackle my oily skin too. I do like the look of the aloe range as I have a love of aloe and a huge plant in my kitchen.

Using natural products and against animal testing means a lot to me being a Pagan.

The last product I tried was not something I had ever used before so I was like- What do I do with this? LOl. It was the Strawberry Smoothing face mist and this felt terrific and smelt divine. I do love strawberry smells so this hit the spot for me. My skin did feel smooth, cleansed, toned and moisturised and looked pretty good!

After years of neglect I think it is going to take some time to get my skincare routine down pat but I enjoyed spending this time on myself.

When I went over to my mums I took these 4 products over with me and my mum thoroughly enjoyed her pampering session too. The vitamin e range is just amazing and I am so looking forward to trying more of my kit and sharing this with you.

Please note that I am a Body Shop at home consultant and all views are my own.

If you would like a catalogue or to join my sample group please do visit my VIP group on Facebook for more information and fun and games!